Vision: Myopia and ambient night-time lighting

  title={Vision: Myopia and ambient night-time lighting},
  author={Karla Zadnik and Lisa A. Jones and Brett C. Irvin and Robert N. Kleinstein and Ruth E. Manny and Julie A. Shin and Donald O. Mutti},
Myopia is a common affliction (one in four adult Americans is near-sighted), and juvenile-onset myopia is believed to be due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Results from animal experiments indicate that light cycles may affect the development of myopia, and Quinn et al. claim to have extended these to humans. They reported a strong association between childhood myopia and night-time lighting before the age of two: there were five times more children with myopia among… 
Myopia and Night-Time Lighting during Sleep in Children and Adults
Adults who were reported by their parents to have slept with a night light on from 0–2 yr.
Myopia and night lighting in children in Singapore
Myopia is not associated with night light in Asian populations, and there was no difference in myopia prevalence rates in children exposed to night time light.
Myopia, Light and Circadian Rhythms
The rapid rise in myopia prevalence over recent decades argues strongly that changing environmental factors also play an important role in the aetiology of myopia.
Continuous Ambient Lighting and Lens Compensation in Infant Monkeys
Ambient lighting at night does not appear to overtly compromise the functional integrity of the vision-dependent mechanisms that regulate emmetropization in higher primates.
Myopia and natural lighting extremes: risk factors in Finnish army conscripts.
There was a trend towards a higher prevalence of myopia among conscripts living above the Arctic Circle, consistent with the hypothesis that ambient lighting might influence refractive development.
Near-work activity, night-lights, and myopia in the Singapore-China study.
Reading (number of books per week) may be associated with higher myopia in Chinese schoolchildren, however, night-light use does not seem to be related to higherMyopia.


Myopia and ambient lighting at night
The effects of light exposure on vision is looked at, and a strong association between myopia and night-time ambient light exposure during sleep in children before they reach two years of age is found.
Prevalence of myopia in the United States.
Myopia prevalence rose with family income and educational level, and the importance of income and education level may result from their association with near work, a factor that has been implicated in the pathogenesis of myopia.
An animal model of myopia.
Abstract Myopia develops in macaque monkeys when their lids are surgically fused at birth and kept closed for one year. This experimental refractive error has many features in common with human myo...
Myopia. The nature versus nurture debate goes on.