Visible-light-Mediated TiO2 photocatalysis of fluoroquinolone antibacterial agents.

  title={Visible-light-Mediated TiO2 photocatalysis of fluoroquinolone antibacterial agents.},
  author={Tias Paul and Penney L. Miller and Timothy J. Strathmann},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={41 13},
This study reports on the photocatalytic transformation of fluoroquinolone antibacterial agents (ciprofloxacin, enrofloxacin, norfloxacin, and flumequine) in aqueous titanium dioxide (TiO2) suspensions irradiated with ultraviolet (UV; lambda > 324 nm) or visible light (lambda > 400, > 420, or > 450 nm). Visible-light-mediated fluoroquinolone degradation is unexpected from direct photolysis or established TiO2 band gap photoexcitation mechanisms, which both require UV light. Visible-light… CONTINUE READING