Viscous coupled fluids in terms of a log-corrected equation-of-state

  title={Viscous coupled fluids in terms of a log-corrected equation-of-state},
  author={Iver Brevik and Kairat Myrzakulov and A. V. Timoshkin and A. A. Zhadyranova},
  journal={International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics},
In this paper, we consider a class of cosmological fluids that possess properties analogous to those of crystalline solids undergoing isotropic deformations. Our research is based on a modified log-corrected power-law equation of state in the presence of a bulk viscosity. This formalism represents a class of the so-called logotropic fluids, and allows explaining an accelerating late-time universe. In order to obtain a more detailed picture of its evolution, we add in our model a coupling of the… Expand


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