Viscosity of human seminal fluid: role of lysozyme.

  title={Viscosity of human seminal fluid: role of lysozyme.},
  author={Gabriela Ruth Mendeluk and Ana Mar{\'i}a Blanco and Carlos Bregni},
  journal={Archives of andrology},
  volume={38 1},
The aim of this research was to evaluate the role of lysozyme in the phenomenon of seminal hyper-viscosity. The enzyme was determined in 142 samples of seminal plasma either leucospermic or not, with or without active macrophages classified according to their consistency (normal or high). The kinetic method with Micrococcus lysodeikticus as substrate was employed. No difference was found in enzymatic concentration expressed in nmol/L of enzymatic protein (mean +/- 2 SEM) on comparing normal and… CONTINUE READING

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