Viscosity Approximation Methods for Fixed-Points Problems

  title={Viscosity Approximation Methods for Fixed-Points Problems},
  author={Abdellatif Moudafi},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications},
  • A. Moudafi
  • Published 2000
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
The aim of this work is to propose viscosity approximation methods which amounts to selecting a particular fixed-point of a given nonexpansive self-mapping. 

Hybrid Iteration Method for Fixed Points of Nonexpansive Mappings

In this paper, a hybrid iteration method is studied and the strong convergence of the iteration scheme to a fixed point of nonexpansive mapping is obtained in Hilbert spaces.

Viscosity Approximation Methods for Generalized Mixed Equilibrium Problems and Fixed Points of a Sequence of Nonexpansive Mappings

We introduce an iterative scheme by the viscosity approximation method for finding a common element of the set of common solutions for generalized mixed equilibrium problems and the set of common

Viscosity Iteration in CAT(κ) Spaces

We study the approximation of fixed points of nonexpansive mappings in CAT(κ) spaces. We show that the iterative sequence generated by the Moudafi's viscosity type algorithm converges to one of the

Viscosity approximation methods for monotone inclusion and fixed point problems in CAT(0) space

In this paper, we introduce a new Viscosity algorithm for approximating an element in the intersection of the set of common solutions of monotone inclusion problems and common fixed points of family

Iterative Methods for Strictly Pseudo-Contractive Mappings

The aim of this work is to consider an iterative method for a-strict pseudo-contractions. Strong convergence theorems are established in a real 2-uniformly smooth Banach space.

Iteration Methods for Fixed Point of a Nonexpansive Mapping 1

In this paper, we introduce new implicit and an explicit iteration methods based on Krasnoselskii-Mann iteration method and a contraction for finding a fixed point of a nonexpansive self-mapping of a

Combination of the Hybrid Steepest-Descent Method and the Viscosity Approximation

In the context of a general q-uniformly smooth Banach space, we will prove the convergence of a scheme which covers Yamada’s hybrid steepest-descent method and Moudafi’s viscosity approximation in

On the Strong Convergence of Viscosity Approximation Process for Quasinonexpansive Mappings in Hilbert Spaces

We improve the viscosity approximation process for approximation of a fixed point of a quasi-nonexpansive mapping in a Hilbert space proposed by Mainge (2010). An example beyond the scope of the



Produits infinis de resolvantes

This paper is concerned with the convergence of the sequence χn=(I+λnA)−1χn−1 whereA is maximal monotone and λn>0. Various assumptions onA and λn are considered.

Viscosity Solutions of Minimization Problems

It is proved, in a rather large setting, that the solutions of the approximate problems converge to a ``viscosity solution'' of the original problem, that is, a solution that is minimal among all the solutions with respect to some viscosity criteria.

A Dynamical Approach to Convex Minimization Coupling Approximation with the Steepest Descent Method

We study the asymptotic behavior of the solutions to evolution equations of the form 0 # u* (t)+f(u(t), =(t)); u(0)=u0, where [f (}, =): =>0] is a family of strictly convex functions whose minimum is

Asymptotic analysis of the exponential penalty trajectory in linear programming

The primal trajectory has an asymptotic ray and the dual trajectory converges to an interior dual feasible solution, which converges exponentially fast to a particular dual optimal solution.

Rafle par un Convexe Variable,’

  • Seminaire d’Analyse Convexe, Montpeĺ lier, expose,
  • 1971

Problems of Fixed Point Theory in Hilbert and Banach Spaces

  • Lecture

ѨrѨ n denotes the exterior normal derivative