Viscoelasticity of periodontal ligament: an analytical model

  title={Viscoelasticity of periodontal ligament: an analytical model},
  author={Sergei M Bosiakov and Anna A Koroleva and S. V. Rogosin and Vadim V. Silberschmidt},
  booktitle={Mechanics of advanced materials and modern processes},
BACKGROUND Understanding of viscoelastic behaviour of a periodontal membrane under physiological conditions is important for many orthodontic problems. A new analytic model of a nearly incompressible viscoelastic periodontal ligament is suggested, employing symmetrical paraboloids to describe its internal and external surfaces. METHODS In the model, a tooth root is assumed to be a rigid body, with perfect bonding between its external surface and an internal surface of the ligament. An… CONTINUE READING