Viscoelastic properties of liquid crystals of aqueous biopolymer solutions

  title={Viscoelastic properties of liquid crystals of aqueous biopolymer solutions},
  author={Ronald Oertel and Werner-Michael Prof Dr Kulicke},
  journal={Rheologica Acta},
The formation of aqueous, lyotropic phases of the biopolymers xanthan (Mη = 1.6·106) and schizophyllan (MW= 335 000) is investigated with stationary shear flow and oscillatory measurements, as well as with the aid of polarization microscopy, because these polymers show very different viscoelastic properties from coiled vinyl polymers. Xanthan and schizophyllan exhibit the same typical behavior observed in anisotropic solutions when the viscosity is plotted as a function of concentration and of… CONTINUE READING