Viscoelastic Acoustic Response of Layered Polymer Films at Fluid-Solid Interfaces: Continuum Mechanics Approach

  title={Viscoelastic Acoustic Response of Layered Polymer Films at Fluid-Solid Interfaces: Continuum Mechanics Approach},
  author={Marina V. Voinova and Michael Rodahl and Mats Jonson and Bengt Kasemo},
  journal={Physica Scripta},
We have derived the general solution of a wave equation describing the dynamics of two-layer viscoelastic polymer materials of arbitrary thickness deposited on solid (quartz) surfaces in a fluid environment. Within the Voight model of viscoelastic element, we calculate the acoustic response of the system to an applied shear stress, i.e. we find the shift of the quartz generator resonance frequency and of the dissipation factor, and show that it strongly depends on the viscous loading of the… Expand

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