Visceral leishmaniasis: a lingual presentation in a patient with HIV infection.

  title={Visceral leishmaniasis: a lingual presentation in a patient with HIV infection.},
  author={T V{\'a}zquez-Pi{\~n}eiro and J M Fern{\'a}ndez Alvarez and J C Gonzalo Lafuente and Jorge Cano and Mar{\'i}a Gimeno and Juan Berenguer},
  journal={Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology, and endodontics},
  volume={86 2},
The term leishmaniasis covers a series of illnesses caused by the protozoan Leishmania; depending on the patient's immune response, the particular species of the protozoan, and the geography, the condition may manifest itself as cutaneous, mucocutaneous, or visceral disease. Visceral leishmaniasis has often been found as a co-infection associated with the human immunodeficiency virus, particularly in the region of the western Mediterranean. We report the case of an HIV-infected patient with a… CONTINUE READING


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