Visceral artery aneurysms as seen in a community hospital.

  title={Visceral artery aneurysms as seen in a community hospital.},
  author={C Carmeci and James E McClenathan},
  journal={American journal of surgery},
  volume={179 6},
BACKGROUND Visceral artery aneurysm (VAA) is a rare but important form of vascular pathology. METHODS A retrospective chart review was performed for all patients treated for VAAs from 1980 to 1998 at the Northern California Kaiser Hospitals. RESULTS Thirty-one patients with VAAs were treated, 11 men and 20 women with an average age of 60 years. The arteries involved were 15 splenic, 8 hepatic, 5 superior mesenteric branch, 1 left gastric, 1 gastroduodenal, and 1 left colic. Seventy-four… CONTINUE READING