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Visalogy: Answering Visual Analogy Questions

  title={Visalogy: Answering Visual Analogy Questions},
  author={F. Sadeghi and C. L. Zitnick and Ali Farhadi},
  • F. Sadeghi, C. L. Zitnick, Ali Farhadi
  • Published in NIPS 2015
  • Computer Science
  • In this paper, we study the problem of answering visual analogy questions. These questions take the form of image A is to image B as image C is to what. Answering these questions entails discovering the mapping from image A to image B and then extending the mapping to image C and searching for the image D such that the relation from A to B holds for C to D. We pose this problem as learning an embedding that encourages pairs of analogous images with similar transformations to be close together… CONTINUE READING

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