Vis-à-Vis: Privacy-preserving online social networking via Virtual Individual Servers

  title={Vis-{\`a}-Vis: Privacy-preserving online social networking via Virtual Individual Servers},
  author={Amre Shakimov and Harold Lim and Ram{\'o}n C{\'a}ceres and Landon P. Cox and Kevin A. Li and Dongtao Liu and Alexander Varshavsky},
  journal={2011 Third International Conference on Communication Systems and Networks (COMSNETS 2011)},
Online social networks (OSNs) are immensely popular, but their centralized control of user data raises important privacy concerns. This paper presents Vis-à-Vis, a decentralized framework for OSNs based on the privacy-preserving notion of a Virtual Individual Server (VIS). A VIS is a personal virtual machine running in a paid compute utility. In Vis-à-Vis, a person stores her data on her own VIS, which arbitrates access to that data by others. VISs self-organize into overlay networks… CONTINUE READING

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