Virus-induced gene silencing in tomato.

  title={Virus-induced gene silencing in tomato.},
  author={Yule Liu and Michael M Schiff and Savithramma P Dinesh-Kumar},
  journal={The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology},
  volume={31 6},
We have previously demonstrated that a tobacco rattle virus (TRV)-based vector can be used in virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) to study gene function in Nicotiana benthamiana. Here we show that recombinant TRV infects tomato plants and induces efficient gene silencing. Using this system, we suppressed the PDS, CTR1 and CTR2 genes in tomato. Suppression of CTR1 led to a constitutive ethylene response phenotype and up-regulation of an ethylene response gene, CHITINASE B. This phenotype is… CONTINUE READING
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