Virus-assisted mapping of neural inputs to a feeding center in the hypothalamus.

  title={Virus-assisted mapping of neural inputs to a feeding center in the hypothalamus.},
  author={Jeff DeFalco and M Tomishima and Hongyan Liu and Chengquan Zhao and Xiaoli Cai and Jamey D Marth and Lynn W Enquist and Jeffrey M. Friedman},
  volume={291 5513},
We report the development of a pseudorabies virus that can be used for retrograde tracing from selected neurons. This virus encodes a green fluorescent protein marker and replicates only in neurons that express the Cre recombinase and in neurons in synaptic contact with the originally infected cells. The virus was injected into the arcuate nucleus of mice that express Cre only in those neurons that express neuropeptide Y or the leptin receptor. Sectioning of the brains revealed that these… CONTINUE READING
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