Virulent influenza A viruses induce apoptosis in chickens.

  title={Virulent influenza A viruses induce apoptosis in chickens.},
  author={Toshihiro Ito and Yoshiyasu Kobayashi and Takehito Morita and Taisuke Horimoto and Yoshihiro Kawaoka},
  journal={Virus research},
  volume={84 1-2},
Virulent avian influenza A viruses produce lethal disease in chickens. Since cell death can be caused by either necrosis or apoptosis, we investigated the types of cell death that occur in natural hosts, chickens, infected with virulent avian viruses. Using biochemical methods, we demonstrate that virulent avian influenza viruses induce apoptosis of vascular endothelial cells in liver, kidney, and brain. Viral antigens were also detected in these organs, suggesting that viral replication… CONTINUE READING
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