Virtual reality exposure therapy in the treatment of fear of flying: a case report.

  title={Virtual reality exposure therapy in the treatment of fear of flying: a case report.},
  author={Barbara O. Rothbaum and Larry F. Hodges and Benjamin Watson and C D Kessler and Dan Opdyke},
  journal={Behaviour research and therapy},
  volume={34 5-6},

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Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy in the Treatment of Fear of Flying

  • R. A. Klein
  • Psychology
    Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy
  • 2004
A new and innovative approach to treating fear of flying has been developed using Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. This article discusses the development of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy and

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (Fear of Flying): From a Private Practice Perspective

  • R. A. Klein
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Cyberpsychology Behav. Soc. Netw.
  • 1998
The rationale for VR treatment for fear of flying and other anxiety disorders are examined, and factors incorporating the utilization of VR treatment in a private practice setting are explored.

A controlled study of virtual reality exposure therapy for the fear of flying.

VRE therapy and SE therapy for treatment of FOF were unequivocally supported in this controlled study and were maintained at a 6-month follow up.

Virtual Reality Exposure and Imaginal Exposure in the Treatment of Fear of Flying

The results showed no differences between the two treatments in relation to reduced clinical symptomatology associated with the FF, although participants in the VR group experienced less anxiety during the real flight after treatment, and four of these seven participants took at least one more flight.

Virtual reality exposure therapy.

The potential for virtual reality exposure treatment for these and other disorders is explored, and therapeutic issues surrounding the delivery of VR exposure are discussed.

The Use of Virtual Reality Exposure in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

One possible alternative to standard in vivo exposure may be virtual reality exposure, which has been successful in reducing the fear of heights in the first known controlled study of virtual reality in the treatment of a psychological disorder.

Fear of Flying: A Case Report Using Virtual Reality Therapy with Physiological Monitoring

Four sessions of virtual reality exposure therapy were successsful in reducing physiological arousal for a person with a fear of flying and a person without aFear of flying.



Psychological Intervention in Civilian Flying Phobia

Results showed that being given information or undergoing a simulated flight had little effect on perceived anxiety, but prolonged exposure to flying had a marked effect on reducing anxiety and anticipated apprehension about future flying.

Emotional processing of fear: exposure to corrective information.

Mechanisms that govern the processing of emotional information, particularly those involved in fear reduction, are proposed and applications to therapeutic practice and to the broader study of psychopathology are discussed.

Innovations in rational-emotive therapy

Preface - Windy Dryden and Larry K Hill Fundamentals of Rational-Emotive Therapy for the 1990s - Albert Ellis Treating Adult Children of Alcoholics - Raymond J Yeager, Carolyn M Yeager and