Virtual biosensors for the estimation of medical precursors

  title={Virtual biosensors for the estimation of medical precursors},
  author={S. Baglio and A. Cammarata and P. Cortis and L. L. Bello and Pietro Davide Madd{\`i}o and S. Nicosia and Gaetano Patti and Stephen C. Sciberras and Johann Scicluna and Vincenzo Scuderi and R. Sinatra and C. Trigona},
  journal={2019 IEEE International Symposium on Measurements & Networking (M&N)},
The objective of this work concerns the study of virtual biosensors for the estimation of medical precursors. The principle is based on the combination of the signals coming from the patient (vital functions), the transduction of such acquired signals and the processing of the obtained information. The method will use n input variables (the classic physiological parameters and/or signals detected by using additive sensors) and one output variable which is correlated with the clinical condition… Expand
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