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Virtual and universal braid groups, their quotients and representations

  title={Virtual and universal braid groups, their quotients and representations},
  author={Valerij G. Bardakov and I. Emel'yanenkov and Maxim Ivanov and T. A. Kozlovskaya and Timur Nasybullov and A. Vesnin},
In the present paper we study structural aspects of certain quotients of braid groups and virtual braid groups. In particular, we construct and study linear representations Bn → GLn(n−1)/2 ( Z[t] ) , V Bn → GLn(n−1)/2 ( Z[t, t 1 , t ±1 2 , . . . , t ±1 n−1] ) which are connected with the famous Lawrence-Bigelow-Krammer representation. It turns out that these representations are faithful representations of crystallographic groups Bn/P ′ n, V Bn/V P ′ n, respectively. Using these representations… Expand
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