Virtual Master Device


This paper presents a virtual master device for telemanipulation systems, which transmists the operator's movement to the slave site not in a mechanical way, as in case of a real master device, but by image processing. The virtual master device uses cameras as sensors, subtracts the background from the images, and recognizes the skin color of the operator in real time. The 3D position of the operator's hand is determined by stereo vision and it becomes traceable by the color of the skin. This way the virtual master device comes to existence. The virtual master device does not have real force-feedback, but it has much more capeabilites to inform the operator as a real master device. This feedback can be any kind of human sense (visual, oral or any kind of force). Whit this capabilities exceeds its competitors (such as a joystick). The virtual master device uses many technologies to be flexiable and to create wide area of usability, which will be intoduced in this paper (OpenRTM-aist, DIMAN, Player / Stage project).

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