Virtual Homological Torsion of Closed Hyperbolic 3-manifolds

  title={Virtual Homological Torsion of Closed Hyperbolic 3-manifolds},
  author={Hongbin Sun},
  journal={arXiv: Geometric Topology},
  • Hongbin Sun
  • Published 5 September 2013
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Geometric Topology
In this paper, we will use Kahn-Markovic's almost totally geodesic surfaces to construct certain $\pi_1$-injective 2-complexes in closed hyperbolic 3-manifolds. Such 2-complexes are locally almost totally geodesic except along a 1-dimensional subcomplex. Using Agol and Wise's result that fundamental groups of hyperbolic 3-manifolds are LERF and quasi-convex subgroups are virtual retract, we will show that closed hyperbolic 3-manifolds virtually contain any prescribed homological torsion: For… 

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