Virtual Creation, Simulated Destruction, and Manufactured Memory at the Art Mecho Museum in Second Life

  title={Virtual Creation, Simulated Destruction, and Manufactured Memory at the Art Mecho Museum in Second Life},
  author={Christopher Bolton},
  pages={198 - 210}
It is not your typical art museum. The buildings glass atrium is topped by a rotating tower built to resemble a giant nineteenth-century optical toy. The walls are made of translucent paper, and at night the building glows like a Japanese lantern. There is no roof. Patrons traversing the museums catwalks and balconies sometimes lose their balance and fall crashing to the galleries below. Other visitors descend from the sky on jetpacks and make soft landings in the museum courtyard. And we have… 



The Multiplanar Image

the windows. I can’t help but recall Paul Virilio’s remark, that the landscape seen from the train window is art, just as much as the works of Pablo Picasso or Paul Klee. Virilio calls the eff ect of

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The Quick and the Undead: Visual and Political Dynamics in Blood: The Last Vampire

lms of Oshii Mamoru, political struggle is not only palpable—it is positively sensual. Oshii’s fi lms chart the eff orts of people to make a diff erence or leave a trace in a politicized, mediated

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nightmare. Gotōda, the police sergeant, believes that she is a result of profound religious sin. Rei listens in bewilderment, unable to decide what he believes or feels. But Oshii himself remains

Looks and Frictions: Essays in Cultural Studies and Film Theory

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The project received help and support from the Faculty Center for Media Technologies at Williams and Williams Instructional Technology staff

  • Mitch Brooks produced the initial blueprints and elevations for the museum based on my design. The building was constructed in Second Life by a team of colorful avatars manipulated by instructional technology interns at Williams College: Jonathan Berch

For an introduction to these cultures, see Julian Dibbell

  • Mutilated Furries, Flying Phalluses: Put the Blame on Griefers, the Sociopaths of the Virtual World

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