Virological survey of rhesus monkeys in China.

  title={Virological survey of rhesus monkeys in China.},
  author={Min Zhao and Mei Ye and G X Luo and Sharon F. Chen and Jin Xu and Pengkang Song},
  journal={Laboratory animal science},
  volume={40 1},
A virological survey of rhesus monkeys captured in China for 13 viruses and/or antibodies was performed. Antigens used were SFV, SF40, HSV-1, Sa11, measles, vaccinia, epidemic or simian hemorrhagic fever, Langat, Kunming, poliomyelitis, HIV, SV41 and rubella. Monkeys were from Sichuan, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi provinces. Antibody was detected to all the listed viruses except HIV, SV41 and rubella. Both SFV and SV40 were recovered from monkeys, but H. simiae, LCM and coxsackieviruses… CONTINUE READING

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