Virion-associated viral fibroblast growth factor stimulates cell motility.

  title={Virion-associated viral fibroblast growth factor stimulates cell motility.},
  author={Christopher Jon Lehiy and Olga B. Martinez and A. Lorena Passarelli},
  volume={395 1},
The Autographa californica M nucleopolyhedrovirus (AcMNPV) viral fibroblast growth factor (vFGF) has functional parallels to cellular FGFs. Deletion of the AcMNPV vfgf has no obvious phenotype in cell culture but delays the time of insect death. Here, we determined vFGF production during virus infection. vFGF was detected at 24 hours post infection and through the remainder of the infection cycle. Since vFGF is thought to be a secreted membrane-binding protein and virions acquire an envelope… CONTINUE READING

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