Virginity for Sale: A Foucauldian Moment in the History of Sexuality

  title={Virginity for Sale: A Foucauldian Moment in the History of Sexuality},
  author={Jennifer C. Dunn and Tennley A. Vik},
  journal={Sexuality \& Culture},
Natalie Dylan attempted to auction her virginity through the website of a legal Nevada brothel. Public discourses surrounding Dylan’s auction have characterized it as everything from a smart business transaction to the sale of her self-respect. Using a theoretical frame from Foucault, methods of textual construction, and rhetorical methods of analysis guided by cluster criticism, our paper explores how online discourses surrounding the auction enact problematics concerning the concepts of… 
Virginity for Sale II: Queering Latina Heterosexuality in America’s Next Top Virginity Auction
In July 2014, we published our rhetorical analysis of the online discourses surrounding a young woman, Natalie Dylan, announcing an auction for her virginity through the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a legal
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Sexuelle Online-Aktivitaten sind heute bei vielen Menschen selbstverstandlicher Bestandteil ihres Alltags: Im Internet suchen sie nach sexuellen Informationen, nutzen sexuelle Unterhaltungsangebote


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Construction of Values in Online and Offline Dating Discourses: Comparing Presentational and Articulated Rhetorics of Relationship Seeking
  • J. Manning
  • Sociology
    J. Comput. Mediat. Commun.
  • 2014
Results indicate ethos is a primary concern of online daters and limits what can be stated in online profiles and explores implications of articulated and presentational rhetorics as well as potential future studies.
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