Virginians tune-in to family planning.

  • Published 1977 in The Family planner


Virginia Bureau of Family Planning initiated an information program aimed at the state's diverse geography which reflects its many cultures using television public service announcements (PSAs). 4 PSAs were produced: economic consideration of family planning, eligibility requirements for services, and 2 general presentations. Following success of these spots, radio spots were developed geared to specific target audiences. These spots built a framework for outreach workers who independently operate clinics in the 39 Virginia health districts. Even though highly regionalized, the Bureau maintains close contact with each district and directs feedback sessions where common problems and experiences are discussed. The Bureau also began a bimonthly newsletter in 1975 which keeps 3000 subscribers abreast of family planning activities. These information dissemination efforts have paid off: Virginia hospitals are required to provide family planning literature to all maternity patients. And Virginia has the nation's 1st ongoing statewide, publicly run voluntary sterilization program, servicing 1000 patients free of charge during the 1st year of operation. The Bureau operates on an annual budget of $5.3 million in state funds as well as HEW Title 5, 10, and 20 family planning funding.

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