Virasoro conformal blocks and thermality from classical background fields

  title={Virasoro conformal blocks and thermality from classical background fields},
  author={A. Liam Fitzpatrick and Jared Kaplan and Matthew T. Walters},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe show that in 2d CFTs at large central charge, the coupling of the stress tensor to heavy operators can be re-absorbed by placing the CFT in a non-trivial background metric. This leads to a more precise computation of the Virasoro conformal blocks between heavy and light operators, which are shown to be equivalent to global conformal blocks evaluated in the new background. We also generalize to the case where the operators carry U(1) charges. The refined Virasoro blocks can be used… 

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The large-c Virasoro identity block is a semi-classical Liouville correlator

  • Gideon Vos
  • Mathematics
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2021
Abstract It will be shown analytically that the light sector of the identity block of a mixed heavy-light correlator in the large central charge limit is given by a correlation function of light



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