Viral vs. broadcast: Characterizing the virality and growth of cascades

  title={Viral vs. broadcast: Characterizing the virality and growth of cascades},
  author={Yafei Zhang and Lin Wang and Jonathan J. H. Zhu and Xiaofan Wang},
  journal={Europhysics Letters},
Quantifying the virality of cascades is an important question across disciplines such as the transmission of disease, the spread of information and the diffusion of innovations. An appropriate virality metric should be able to disambiguate between a shallow, broadcast-like diffusion process and a deep, multi-generational branching process. Although several valuable works have been dedicated to this field, most of them fail to take the position of the diffusion source into consideration, which… 
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Innovation adoption: Broadcasting versus virality

The findings show that broadcasting and virality have similar diffusion power, but play different roles across diffusion stages, and diffusion speed in virality is significantly faster than broadcasting and members from virality channels tend to adopt the same innovation repetitively.



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