Viral vectors for malaria vaccine development.

  title={Viral vectors for malaria vaccine development.},
  author={Shengqiang Li and Emily Locke and Joseph Bruder and David Clarke and Denise L. Doolan and Menzo J. E. Havenga and Adrian V S Hill and Peter Liljestrom and Thomas P Monath and Hussein Y. Naim and Christian F. Ockenhouse and De-chu Christopher Tang and Kent R. Van Kampen and J Viret and Fidel P. Zavala and Filip Dubovsky},
  volume={25 14},
A workshop on viral vectors for malaria vaccine development, organized by the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative, was held in Bethesda, MD on October 20, 2005. Recent advancements in viral-vectored malaria vaccine development and emerging vector technologies were presented and discussed. Classic viral vectors such as poxvirus, adenovirus and alphavirus vectors have been successfully used to deliver malaria antigens. Some of the vaccine candidates have demonstrated their potential in inducing… CONTINUE READING


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