[Viral etiology of acute respiratory infections in Madagascan children].


A total of 80 nasopharyngeal secretions collected from malagasy children (53 boys and 27 girls) with viral acute respiratory infection, aged from 6 days to 10 year old admitted to the Pediatric Department of Antananarivo General Hospital from may to July 1983, were investigated by indirect immunofluorescence method. 54--samples were found positive for respiratory viruses. Distribution according age groups and sex has been studied: children belonging to 25-36 month age group and male sex were more infected. Following viral strains were detected in increasing frequency: Para-influenzae 3: 25 p. 100; RSV: 18 p. 10/; Adenovirus: 18 p. 100; Influenzae A: 13 p. 100; Influenzae B: 9 p. 100; Para-influenzae 1: 5 p. 100.

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