Viral density and virus-to-bacterium ratio in deep-sea sediments of the Eastern Mediterranean.

  title={Viral density and virus-to-bacterium ratio in deep-sea sediments of the Eastern Mediterranean.},
  author={Roberto Danovaro and Michela Serresi},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={66 5},
Viruses are now recognized as a key component in pelagic systems, but their role in marine sediment has yet to be assessed. In this study bacterial and viral densities were determined at nine deep-sea stations selected from three main sites (i.e., the Sporades Basin, the Cretan Sea, and the Ierapetra Trench at depths of 1,232, 1,840, and 4,235 m, respectively) of the Eastern Mediterranean. The three areas were characterized by different phytopigment and biopolymeric carbon concentrations and by… CONTINUE READING

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