[Viral and host factors affecting efficient revere transcription of HIV-1 genome].


Reverse transcription of retroviral RNA into double stranded DNA is a characteristic feature of rertoviruses including human immunodeficiency virus type I (HIV-1). There has been accumulating evidence for the involvement of retroviral integrase (IN) in the reverse transcription of viral RNA. Here, we summarized recent our studies demonstrating direct functional roles of IN and its binding partner of host factor, Gemin2 in the reverse transcription. We established new in vitro cell-free assay to mimic natural reverse transcription and found that HIV-1 IN and host factor, Gemin2 synergistically stimulate reverse transcriptase (RT) activity. Analysis of intracellular stability and multimer formation of IN suggest that that high-ordered structures, especially tetramer formation of IN is critical for the function. In addition, Gemin2 might have a role to keep the higher-order structure of IN. Thus, we provide new aspects of reverse transcription of HIV-1 through IN and host factors in addition to RT.

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