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Violent Virtual Video Games and Hostile Thoughts

  title={Violent Virtual Video Games and Hostile Thoughts},
  author={Ron Tamborini and Matthew S. Eastin and Paul Skalski and Kenneth A. Lachlan and Thomas A. Fediuk and Robert Brady},
  journal={Journal of Broadcasting \& Electronic Media},
A vioient virtuai-reaiity (VR) video game's short-term impact on telepresence and hostility was studied. Five weeks before a lab experiment, participants completed a questionnaire measuring prior vioient video game use and trait aggression. Participants were randomly assigned to play a VR vioient video game, play a standard vioient video game, observe a vioient video game, or observe a non-vioient video game. Following exposure, measures of telepresence experienced, hostile thoughts, and… Expand

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