Violent Cultural Factors and Serial Homicide by Males

  title={Violent Cultural Factors and Serial Homicide by Males},
  author={James Defronzo and Jane E. Prochnow},
  journal={Psychological Reports},
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Explaining the phenomenon of male serial homicide has usually been approached from a psychiatric perspective. However, recent integrative theory suggests that cultural factors may play a role in shaping the psychology of young males with particular psychiatric and possibly neurological vulnerabilities in such ways as to facilitate converting the motivation to kill into actual behavior. Present results indicated that 34–45% of the interstate variation in rates of serial killer activity could be… 

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[Forensic evaluation of persons with destructive behavior in the postwar Bosnia and Hertzegovina].

High level of hetero-destruction in crime was proven in the study, which rendered a forensic responsibility and analysis of such an influence on behavior by the persons without psychopathology and persons with mental diseases.

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OZET Seri cinayet, yuzyillardir, dun- yanin pek cok yerinde gorulen bir olgudur ancak son 30 yildir akademik cevrelerin dikkati- ni cekebilmistir. Seri katillerin ozellikleri, motivasyonlari, olay

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