Violation of Treaties: Bad Faith, Nonexecution and Disregard

  title={Violation of Treaties: Bad Faith, Nonexecution and Disregard},
  author={Denys Peter Myers},
  journal={American Journal of International Law},
  pages={794 - 819}
  • D. Myers
  • Published 1 October 1917
  • Political Science
  • American Journal of International Law
Gradually there has developed a system of treaty negotiation which eliminates all possibility of bad faith in contracting, unless the mala fides is both deliberate and long-lived. Modern treaty technique accounts for this, the stages of a treaty from negotiation to entry into force having been developed to serve th|s very end. When kings alone ruled in the brave days of old, only signatures, bolstered up on occasion by oaths, giving of hostages, etc., were employed to give faith to such… 
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Bibliography on the Law of Treaties

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    American Journal of International Law
  • 1935
notes concerning treaties of the United States in Hunter Miller's Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States of America, constitute a reservoir which cannot fail to influence future

The Growing Role of Social Media in International Health Security: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This chapter will outline how SM can be used to fight disease more effectively but also cause confusion and unauthorized transfer of sensitive information, and how public health panics and other forms of harm can potentially be orchestrated with malevolent use of SM involving vulnerable populations.


  • History
    American Journal of International Law
  • 1917
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The Evolving Interplay between Social Media and International Health Security: A Point of View

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