Violation of Bell's inequalities implies distillability for N qubits

  title={Violation of Bell's inequalities implies distillability for N qubits},
  author={Antonio Ac{\'i}n and Valerio Scarani and Michael M. Wolf},
We consider quantum systems composed of $N$ qubits, and the family of all Bell's correlation inequalities for two two-valued measurements per site. We show that if a $N$-qubit state $\rho$ violates any of these inequalities, then it is at least bipartite distillable. Indeed there exists a link between the amount of Bell's inequality violation and the degree of distillability. Thus, we strengthen the interpretation of Bell's inequalities as detectors of useful entanglement. 
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Gisin's theorem for arbitrary dimensional multipartite states.
  • M. Li, S. Fei
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A set of Bell inequalities which are sufficient and necessary for separability of general pure multipartite quantum states in arbitrary dimensions are presented and it is shown that any quantum states that violate one of these Bell inequalities are distillable. Expand
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