Viola nanlingensis (Violaceae), a New Species from Guangdong, Southern China

  title={Viola nanlingensis (Violaceae), a New Species from Guangdong, Southern China},
  author={J. Zhou and Qin Gong and F. W. Xing},
Viola nanlingensis J.S. Zhou &. F.W. Xing sp. nova (Violaceae), a new species from Guangdong province in southern China is described and illustrated. It is compared with the morphologically similar species V. nagasawai and V. diffusa. 
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Shrinking the Violets: Phylogenetic Relationships of Infrageneric Groups in Viola (Violaceae) Based on Internal Transcribed Spacer DNA Sequences
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Phylogenetic relationships and infrageneric groups in Viola (Violaceae) based on morphology, chromosome numbers, natural hybridization and Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) sequences
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Flowers 15-20 mm across
    Flowers less than 15 mm across
      Leaves cuneate or shallowly cordate at base; lateral petals usually bearded
      • nagasawai var. pricei References Ballard, H. E. 1996: Phylogenetic relationships and infrageneric groups in Viola (Violaceae) based on morphology
      nanlingensis 1. Flowers less than 20 mm across; leaf blade not enlarged at fruiting