Vinculin-dependent Cadherin mechanosensing regulates efficient epithelial barrier formation

  title={Vinculin-dependent Cadherin mechanosensing regulates efficient epithelial barrier formation},
  author={Floor Twiss and Quint le Duc and Suzanne E. M. van der Horst and Hamid Tabdili and Gerard van der Krogt and Ning Wang and Holger Rehmann and Stephan Huveneers and Deborah E. Leckband and Johan de Rooij},
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Proper regulation of the formation and stabilization of epithelial cell-cell adhesion is crucial in embryonic morphogenesis and tissue repair processes. Defects in this process lead to organ malformation and defective epithelial barrier function. A combination of chemical and mechanical cues is used by cells to drive this process. We have investigated the role of the actomyosin cytoskeleton and its connection to cell-cell junction complexes in the formation of an epithelial barrier in MDCK… CONTINUE READING