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Viking artefacts : a select catalogue

  title={Viking artefacts : a select catalogue},
  author={James Graham‐Campbell},

Excavations at Alt Glut, 1974-5: catalogue of coins, metal objects and Romano-British pottery

By a curious trick of the proverbial printer's devil, about ten pages of the original print-out did not appear in the fiche of the Alt Glut excavation report in Proceedings, 120 (Alcock & Alcock

Five Insular enamelled ornaments

SUMMARY This note describes five enamelled objects from Scotland; three are recent discoveries and only two have previously been discussed. All are made of copper alloy and are decorated with enamel.

Casting Cultural Identity in Early Viking-Age Northumbria

Abstract This paper discusses several categories of dress accessory which we suggest are linked to the arrival of the so-called Viking Great Army in Northumbria in the late ninth century. In

Evidence of Viking trade and 'Danelaw' connections? Inset lead weights from Norway and the western Viking World

This article presents and discusses the use and itineraries of inset lead weights from Norway and the wider Viking world. The weights, which are mostly inset with decorated metalwork, coins and glass

Millennia of continuity in the votive behaviour of Europeans The testimony of tools for determining the value of metal Tisíciletá kontinuita votivního chování Evropanů Svědectví nástrojů k určení jakosti kovu

Archaeology has a great deal of experience with how the misinterpretation of finds creates a false image of the past. The main reason for this is down to ideologically-conditioned stereotypes. The

The Scale and Impact of Viking Settlement in Northumbria

DISCOVERIES AT the Viking winter camp at Torksey indicate that the armies that invaded Anglo-Saxon England in the late 9th century were much larger than is often assumed, and that a literal reading

Holding Heaven in their hands : an examination of the functions, materials, and ornament of Insular house-shaped shrines

Since the nineteenth century, the provenances, functions, and defining characteristics of a group of Insular portable containers, commonly called house-, tomb-, or church-shaped shrines, have been of

A Tale of Two Ivories: Elephant and Walrus

En este trabajo propongo que el marfil de elefante y de morsa fueron sustitutosimperfectos en la economia medieval, tratandose de materiales bien diferenciados, ambos utilizados y apreciados. Este

Ingroup identification, identity fusion and the formation of Viking war bands

Abstract The lið, a retinue of warriors sworn to a leader, has long been considered one of the basic armed groups of the Viking Age. However, in recent years the study of lið has been eclipsed by the