Vigilance levels during and after bright light exposure in the first half of the night.

  title={Vigilance levels during and after bright light exposure in the first half of the night.},
  author={Suzie Lavoie and Jean Paquet and Brahim Selmaoui and Marianne Rufiange and Marie Dumont},
  journal={Chronobiology international},
  volume={20 6},
Fourteen healthy subjects (8 women, 6 men, aged 22-35 yr) were recruited. Each subject was exposed, in a counterbalanced order, to bright white light (BWL: 3000 lux) and to dim red light (DRL: <15 lux) at a 1-week interval. Light treatments were administered from 00:30 to 04:30 h during sleep deprivation. Salivary melatonin and urinary cortisol concentrations were measured as was core body temperature. Vigilance levels were evaluated by subjective estimates, maintenance of wakefulness tests… CONTINUE READING

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