• Biology
  • Published 2019

Vigilance Overload Measured by Computerized Mackworth Clock Test

  title={Vigilance Overload Measured by Computerized Mackworth Clock Test},
  author={Ipek Ustun and Ege Ozer and Erim Habib and Burcin Tatliesme and Ata Akın},
This paper studied the change of vigilance based on stimulus coming consecutively using the computerized version of the Mackworth Clock Test run from PsyToolkit website. 7 participants (16.57 ±1 years old, 2 males), performed 10 consecutive trials in order to measure whether or not it is a realistic goal for high school students to display the level of vigilance expected from them in class. Success percentages were calculated by dividing the number of correct jumps to the total number of jumps… CONTINUE READING