Views of Women’s Sexuality and Violence Against Women in Turkey

  title={Views of Women’s Sexuality and Violence Against Women in Turkey},
  author={Elif Gursoy and William F. McCool and Serap Şahinoğlu and Yasemin Yavuz Genc},
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Purpose: This study explored Turkish university students’ views of women-related issues—gender roles, sexuality, and violence against women. Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted with 605 students—337 females and 268 males—at Ankara University, Turkey. A survey exploring students’ views of female sexuality and violence was used. Comparisons of responses were made among groups based on sex, year of study at the university, and field of study at the university. Results: Three relevant… 
Prevalence of Sexual Aggression Victimization and Perpetration in a Sample of Female and Male College Students in Turkey
The findings are the first to provide systematic evidence on sexual aggression perpetration and victimization among college students in Turkey, including both women and men.
Attitudes toward Honor and Violence against Women for Honor in the Context of the Concept of Privacy: A Study of Students in the Faculty of Health Sciences
  • N. Kaya, N. Turan
  • Psychology
    Connectist: Istanbul University Journal of Communication Sciences
  • 2018
The study was conducted to examine the attitudes of students of health sciences towards violence against women for honor within the context of the concept of privacy and to determine how the
The Lived Experiences of Turkish Perpetrators’ Engagement in Domestic Violence Interventions
This thesis aims to interpret the key issues of Turkish perpetrators’ engagement in programmes that work with domestic violence perpetrators in the UK. The main aim of this is to examine how Turkish
The sex-role of university students and their attitudes toward violence against women in the name of honor
Honor includes positive behaviors such as integrity, honesty and morality for both men and women. In some cultures, honor refers to sexual purity. It is very important to know and scientifically de...
Transcultural Nursing Care in Turkey
These studies attempted to determine the factors that cover different dimensions of transcultural nursing, nursing education and training process, clinical and hospital applications, and several scales and guides and have been adapted and used in the Turkish population.
Sexual dysfunction in infertile women: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Infertility was associated with an increase in female sexual dysfunction, and the most affected areas of sexual function were lubrication, orgasm, and satisfaction.
Bu arastirma Velicer, Huckel ve Hansen (1989) tarafindan gelistirilen ve Anderson, Benjamin, Wood ve Bonacci (2006) tarafindan guncellenen Şiddete Iliskin Tutumlar Olcegi’nin Turkce versiyonunun
Sexual and Reproductive Health Education Needs, Gender Roles Attitudes and Acceptance of Couple Violence According to Engaged Men and Women
Results indicate that premarital counseling is a promising strategy to support engaged couples’ sexual/reproductive health needs, and increase their awareness about gender based couple violence in communities.


Turkish University Students’ Beliefs in Sexual Myths
Studying the sexual beliefs of adolescents and young people will be beneficial in planning sex education programs as well as determining their content within academic and medical environments.
Nurses' and Midwives' Views on Approaches to Hymen Examination
The views of and approaches to hymen examination by nurses and midwives were determined and it was agreed that stopping this practice depended more on the social structural changes required than on legal measures.
Culture of Honor, Culture of Change
This article presents a feminist analysis of honor killings in rural Turkey. One of the main goals is to dissociate honor killings from a particular religious belief system and locate it on a
Ending violence against women: programming for prevention protection and care.
Though they may appear traditional people are often willing to adopt new attitudes behaviours or practices if they are convinced that such change will improve their lives. In Kenya for instance women
The question of virginity testing in Turkey.
A woman found to be a virgin on her first night of marriage is seen as a normal person while one suspected to have lost her virginity is made to undergo a series of medical examinations to bring clarity to her situation.
The dynamics of honor killings in Turkey: prospects for action.
In light of the experiences in Istanbul field research was subsequently carried out in Adana during February 17 - March 5 in Sanliurfa between March 20 - April 10 and during April 10 - April 25 in
Virginity and patriarchy.
Abstract It is no secret that when some marriages are consummated, the virginity of the bride is artificial. Enough young women to delight the gynaecologists with the relevant skills, resort to a
[The state of the world population].
  • M. Tate
  • Geography, Medicine
    Sanfujinka no jissai. Practice of gynecology and obstetrics
  • 1968
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Kafkas Üniversitesi Son Sınıf Öğrencilerinin Toplumsal Cinsiyet Rollerine İlişkin Bakış Açıları
Arastirma, Kafkas Universitesi'nde lisans ogrenimine devam eden son sinif ogrencilerinin calisma yasami, toplumsal yasam, evlilik ve aile yasami ile ilgili toplumsal cinsiyet rollerine iliskin bakis