Views Across the Pacific: The Galleon Trade and Its Traces in Oregon

  title={Views Across the Pacific: The Galleon Trade and Its Traces in Oregon},
  author={Cameron La Follette and Douglas Deur},
  journal={Oregon Historical Quarterly},
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The Mountain of a Thousand Holes: Shipwreck Traditions and Treasure Hunting on Oregon's North Coast

EURO-AMERICANS in coastal communities conflated and amplified Native American oral traditions of shipwrecks in Tillamook County, increasingly focusing the stories on buried treasure. This focus led

Arbitrage, China, and World Trade in the Early Modern Period

L'auteur aborde l'histoire du commerce de l'argent depuis le debut de la Periode Moderne, qui contribua a la naissance du commerce mondial, entre l'Asie (Chine et Japon surtout) et l'Amerique du sud

The Manila Galleon.

Voyage to the Philippines

November 15 – At noon, we sailed around the islands of Bucutua, Tongkil, Balanguigui, Sinisa. Soon, we were sailing off Sulu Island, its high mountains covered with vast prairies of cogon surrounded

Narrative of a Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America in the Years 1811, 1812, 1813, and 1814; Or, the First American Settlement of the Pacific

Firsthand account of the voyage of the Tonquin and the activities at Fort Astoria in 1811-14.