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Views, variety and quantum mechanics

  title={Views, variety and quantum mechanics},
  author={Lee Smolin},
A non-local hidden variables theory for non-relativisitic quantum theory is presented, which gives a realist completion of quantum mechanics, in the sense of a complete description of individual events. The proposed fundamental theory is an extension of an energetic causal set theory, ([12][15]), which assumes that time, events, causal structure, momentum and energy are fundamental. But space and the wave function are emergent. The beables of the theory are the views of the events, which are a… 



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We consider the hypothesis that quantum mechanics is an approximation to another, cosmological theory, accurate only for the description of subsystems of the universe. Quantum theory is then to be

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This work introduces a new kind of deterministic dynamics for a causal set in which new events are generated from pairs of progenitor events by a rule which is based on extremizing the distinctions between causal past sets of events.

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We investigate whether quantum theory can be understood as the continuum limit of a mechanical theory, in which there is a huge, but finite, number of classical "worlds," and quantum effects arise

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In this paper, we shall show how the theory of measurements is to be understood from the point of view of a physical interpretation of the quantum theory in terms of hidden variables developed in a

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It is shown that the matrix models which give non-perturbative definitions of string and M theory may be interpreted as non-local hidden variables theories in which the quantum observables are the

Mach’s principle and the structure of dynamical theories

  • J. BarbourB. Bertotti
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1982
A structure of dynamical theories is proposed that implements Mach’s ideas by being relational in its treatment of both motion and time. The resulting general dynamics, which is called intrinsic