Viet Nam

  title={Viet Nam},
  author={V. Nam},
  journal={Revue Internationale de la Croix-Rouge},
  pages={730 - 730}
  • V. Nam
  • Published 1 December 1976
  • Economics
  • Revue Internationale de la Croix-Rouge
Attention in this discussion of Viet Nam focuses on the following: history of the demographic situation; the government's overall approach to population problems; population data systems and development planning; institutional arangements for the integration of population within development planning; the government's view of the importance of population policy in achieving development objectives; population size, growth, and natural increase; morbidity and mortality; fertility; international… 

Economic growth and poverty reduction in Indochina: lessons from East Asia

Differences and similarities in the development paths taken by six East Asian economies (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, and Taiwan) provide a fertile ground for policy

Foreign Investment and Female Employment in Viet Nam

This paper investigates how the interplay between foreign direct investment (FDI) and the availability of technology affects labour market outcomes for women in Viet Nam. Using household surveys, we

The investment case for hepatitis B and C in South Africa: adaptation and innovation in policy analysis for disease program scale-up

The value and feasibility of using an investment case approach to assess the costs and relative priority of scaling up HBV/HCV services are illustrated and the proposed scale-up can be accommodated within South Africa’s fiscal space and represents good use of scarce resources.

The true burden and risk of cholera: implications for prevention and control.

Economic performance of Vietnam, 1976-2000: New evidence from input-output model

This study provides a concise introduction to the economic history of Vietnam from 1976 to present. We identify different phases of the development of the Vietnamese economy, from its unification

Liver disease in Viet Nam: Screening, surveillance, management and education: A 5‐year plan and call to action

It is believed that this comprehensive nationwide approach to liver disease could substantially reduce the morbidity and mortality from liver disease and greatly lessen the burden in terms of both lives lost and health‐care costs.

The Determinants and Long-Term Projections of Saving Rates in Developing Asia

In this paper, we present data on trends over time in domestic saving rates in twelve economies in developing Asia during the 1966-2007 period and analyze the determinants of these trends. We find

From Innovation to Scale: Policy Engagement for Enhanced Community-Based Depression Care in Vietnam

Depression in Vietnam makes up 2.88 percent of disability adjusted life years (DALYs) and 6.83% of years lived with disability (YLDs) (Minas, Edington et al. 2017).

Hepatitis B vaccination coverage across India: exploring the spatial heterogeneity and contextual determinants

The aim of this paper is to examine the spatial heterogeneity and contextual determinants of hepatitis B vaccination across the districts of India, and investigates the low coverage of HBV vaccination using spatial autoregressive models (SAR) at the meso scale.

Losses and gains: women's empowerment in armed conflict and the aftermath

Despite international recognition of the roles that women assume during conflict and the specific needs and contributions women make both in perpetuating conflict and ending it, women frequently


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