VideoSet: A Large-Scale Compressed Video Quality Dataset Based on JND Measurement

  title={VideoSet: A Large-Scale Compressed Video Quality Dataset Based on JND Measurement},
  author={Haiqiang Wang and Ioannis Katsavounidis and Jiantong Zhou and Jeong-Hoon Park and Shawmin Lei and Xin Zhou and Man-On Pun and Xin Jin and Ronggang Wang and Xu Wang and Yun Zhang and Jiwu Huang and Sam Kwong and C.-C. Jay Kuo},
  journal={J. Visual Communication and Image Representation},
A new methodology to measure coded image/video quality using the just-noticeable-difference (JND) idea was proposed in [1]. Several small JND-based image/video quality datasets were released by the Media Communications Lab at the University of Southern California in [2,3]. In this work, we present an effort to build a large-scale JND-based coded video quality dataset. The dataset consists of 220 5-second sequences in four resolutions (i.e., 1920× 1080, 1280× 720, 960× 540 and 640× 360). For… CONTINUE READING

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