Video games and education: (Education in the Face of a “Parallel School”)

  title={Video games and education: (Education in the Face of a “Parallel School”)},
  author={Miguel de Aguilera and Alfonso Mendiz},
  journal={Comput. Entertain.},
Fully integrated into the everyday lives of millions of young people throughout the world, video games are a vital part of contemporary culture and society. But the reaction of many authorities and the majority of educators has been to discredit video games by assuming their negative effects. After more than two decades of research, however, many studies have been published that have gradually led to a more complex, nuanced, and useful understanding of video games. This article focuses on one… 
Brief review of video games in learning & education how far we have come
A survey on video games in learning and education, including patterns and trends in technologies and correlations in popularity with regard to the entertainment industry is presented, thereby gaining insights into future strength and directions.
Effectiveness of Game-Based Learning: Influence of Cognitive Style
Initial results provide a good argument for use of educational games in teaching, and some influence of cognitive style on effectiveness of using educational games is reported.
The article reveals the essence of the video game as a special phenomenon of the social reality of a modern man. The idea of the need to develop a qualitatively new strategy for the development of
The Use of Game Dynamics to Enhance Curriculum and Instruction: What Teachers Can Learn from the Design of Video Games
The need for public school educators to adapt a game design mentality when designing secondary level curriculum and instruction is examined.
Towards a Framework for Understanding Electronic Educational Gaming
A framework for understanding past, current, and future research in educational gaming is set to set a framework for exploring the role of the games for teaching and learning, the relationship of educational games to other fi elds, and a synthesis of best practice for current and future design, implementation, and research.
IT education, girls and game modding
Results from the surveys as well as analysis of student projects and anecdotal evidence suggest that using video game modding is successful in increasing self‐efficacy and motivation aswell as teaching female students basic IT skills.
The importance of design for educational games
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Information and Media Studies; University of Western Ontario, Canada Educational games are considered interactive activities that should be just as
Standards for educational, edutainment, and developmentally beneficial computer games
It is argued that a standard educational labeling system is needed to assist parents and teachers with selecting computer games and that teachers need both training and encouragement to build the confidence required to guide computer game use.
A Proposal for Accelerating the Implementation and Development of Video Games in Education.
Current issues surrounding the limited use of video games in the classroom are explored and an open, online community of educators and game developers who would collaboratively explore the instructional benefits of videoGames.
Using Video Games to Enhance Motivation States in Online Education: Protocol for a Team-Based Digital Game
Preliminary data from this study would suggest there is an interest in games for learning in the medical student body, and it is beneficial to undertake further research into how these games teach and engage learners in order to evaluate their role in tertiary and postgraduate medical education in the future.


Reevaluating the Impact of Video Games
  • J. Funk
  • Education
    Clinical pediatrics
  • 1993
A survey assessing frequency and location of play and game preference was completed by 357 seventh- and eighth-grade students, and about two thirds of girls played video games at least one to two hours per week at home, but only 20% played in arcades.
Meta-Analysis of Research on a Multimedia Elementary School Curriculum Using Personal and Video-Game Computers
This meta-analysis summarizes research studies of evaluations of a technology-based curriculum of the Lightspan Partnership. The curriculum presents for elementary schools multimedia reading,
The Medium of the Video Game, edited by Mark J. P. Wolf, is a collection of mostly scholarly articles on video games with no central thematic other than the topic. The book is five doses film theory,
Influences of TV Games on Physical and Psychological Development of Japanese Kindergarten Children
Analysis indicated that the kindergarten children, especially boys, played frequently and both the percentage of players and the number of playing hours increased with age, which seemed to reflect that children acquired a new repertoire of plays from the TV game.
Video and computer games: effect on children and implications for health education.
  • S. Dorman
  • Education
    The Journal of school health
  • 1997
The health effects of video and computer-based games on children are examined, criteria upon which parents and teachers may evaluate the games are suggested, and some implications for health educators are noted.
Effect of Playing a Video Game on a Measure of Spatial Visualization
No effect for sex and no interaction of group × sex were found, indicating that both male and female subjects gained equally from playing Zaxxon, supporting the hypothesis that spatial visualization test scores can be improved by video game playing.
Simulations and the Future of Learning: An Innovative (and Perhaps Revolutionary) Approach to E-Learning
From the Publisher: Simulators, an innovative and engaging method of learning that allows users to transform e-learning into effective learning, are at the very heart of any sustainable educational
The Video Game Theory Reader 2
The Video Game Theory Reader brings together exciting new work on the many ways video games are reshaping the face of entertainment and the authors' relationship with technology.