Video-endoscopic ultrasonography in staging gastric carcinoma.

  title={Video-endoscopic ultrasonography in staging gastric carcinoma.},
  author={L J Tseng and L R Mo and Thian Lok Tio and Y T Fresner and N Jao and Richard Chun-Hung Lin and J Y Kuo and K K Chang and C H Wang and K C Wey},
  volume={47 33},
BACKGROUND/AIMS Clinical staging of gastric carcinoma is important in designing the strategy of treatment. Early gastric carcinomas can be treated by minimally invasive therapy, whereas advanced gastric carcinomas should be treated by surgery with or without combined chemotherapy. This study was undertaken to evaluate the accuracy and limitations of video type endoscopic ultrasound in preoperative staging of gastric cancer and assessing lymph node metastasis. METHODOLOGY Seventy-four patients… CONTINUE READING