Video editing with pen-based technology

  title={Video editing with pen-based technology},
  author={Diogo Cabral and Nuno N. Correia},
  journal={Multimedia Tools and Applications},
The manipulation of video content is still a difficult task due to its complexity and richness. This paper applies pen-based technology to video editing, with the goal to improve such interaction. In this research, digital ink is replaced by video content, aiming to provide a more familiar and creative interaction for video editing and to study how pen gestures can be used on this context as well as what kind of changes are needed in the interface. The concept was implemented in a Tablet PC… 

Studying Natural User Interfaces for Smart Video Annotation towards Ubiquitous Environments

A multimodal web video annotation tool that combines a voice interaction module with manual annotation capabilities for more intelligent natural interactions towards ubiquitous environments and a customized set of natural language expressions that map the user speech to specific software operations through studying and integrating new artificial intelligence techniques.

PaperClip: A Digital Pen Interface for Semantic Speech Editing in Radio Production

The results of a contextual qualitative user study of eight professional radio producers that compared editing using PaperClip to a screen-based interface and normal paper found no overall preferences but rather advantages and disadvantages of both in different contexts.

Semantic Audio Tools for Radio Production

It is shown that with an enhanced audio waveform, a typical radio production task can be completed faster, with less effort and with greater accuracy than a normal waveforms, which form the primary contribution of this thesis.

Multimodal Interactions : from Supporting to Enhancing Creativity

  • Psychology
  • 2018
In this paper, we discuss how different multimodal implementations are not limited to support creativity but go further by enrich it. While sensory feedback can trigger memories and promote novel

Pen and touch interactions on graphical operations

This document summarizes current capabilities, research and operational priorities, and plans for further studies that were established at the 2015 USGS workshop on quantitative hazard assessments of earthquake-triggered landsliding and liquefaction in the Central American region.


SMP IT Madani is formed from LAZ Swadaya Ummah Riau Province. SMP IT Madani is a free school. The vision promoted by SMP IT Madani is as follows: "Becoming a model of educational institutions in

Applying Pen Pressure, Tilt and Touch Interactions to Data Visualizations

This work goes further by exploring additional pen data, like pressure and tilt, combined with multi-touch inputs, and applies this combination to two data visualizations: Bubble Chart and Linear Regression combined with a Radar.



The tangible video editor: collaborative video editing with active tokens

The Tangible Video Editor (TVE) is introduced, a multi-user, tangible interface for sequencing digital video using multiple handheld computers embedded in plastic tokens to engage multiple users in a collaborative process and encourage the exploration of narrative ideas.

Pen-Based Video Annotations: A Proposal and a Prototype for Tablet PCs

This paper presents a proposal for pen- based video annotations and a prototype for Tablet PCs, implementing this concept, particularly dynamic pen-based video annotations combined with real-time video tracking.

Empirical observations on video editing in the mobile context

A field trial that is arranged to further evaluate the Mobile Video Editor concept and to better understand the usage patterns of video editing in the mobile context indicates that especially the teenagers and younger adults found the capability to edit captured video clips a beneficial feature in mobile devices.

Simplifying video editing using metadata

A video editor, called Silver, that uses metadata to make digital video editing more accessible to novices and offers smart editing operations that help users resolve the inconsistencies that arise because of the different boundaries in audio and video.

A framework for video annotation, visualization, and interaction

A framework for video annotation, visualization, and interaction that harnesses computer vision to aid users in understanding and commu nicating with digital video is presented.

Video mosaic: laying out time in a physical space

Video Mosaic provides users with the ability to combine the best of both worlds: elements of a paper video storyboard are used as input to an on-line video editing system to take advantage of the best aspects of each.

Use study on a home video editing system

The results show that the EWW system provides rather limited control of the editing functions, and the overview of the video material is unsatisfactory, however, the participants judged the system as an easy to learn and easy to use video editing tool.

Interface designs for pen-based mobile video browsing

Two interface designs for mobile video browsing on pen-based handheld devices feature different interaction types, such as speed- and position-based navigation which enable users to interactively skim a video's content along the timeline at different granularity levels.

Videotater: an approach for pen-based digital video segmentation and tagging

V Videotater is presented, an experimental tool for a Tablet PC that supports the efficient and intuitive navigation, selection, segmentation, and tagging of video.

A semi-automatic approach to home video editing

Hitchcock is a system that allows users to easily create custom videos from raw video shot with a standard video camera that uses automatic analysis to determine the suitability of portions of the raw video.