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Video camera technology

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  • Published in
    Digital audio and video…
  • Computer Science
Introduction. Light and Optics. Image Sensors. Camera Signal Processing. Automatic Camera Operation. Cameras Used in Systems. Telecine Cameras. Camcorders. Viewfinders. Camera Packaging. Digital Still-Picture Cameras. Camera Specifications and Measurements. HDTV Cameras. The Future of Video Cameras. 
An imaging library for a digital still camera
A Band Processing Imaging Library for a TriCore-Based Digital Still Camera
An imaging library for a TriCore based digital camera
Modeling, calibration, and rendition of color logarithmic CMOS image sensors
Auto gain control based on look up table from scene·luminance curve in mobile phone camera
Modelling, calibration and rendition of colour logarithmic CMOS image sensors
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  • Mathematics
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Entropy-Based Dark Frame Subtraction