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Video-based multiclass vehicle detection and tracking

  title={Video-based multiclass vehicle detection and tracking},
  author={Zhiming Qian and Hongxing Shi and Jiakuan Yang and Lianxin Duan Chuxiong},
This paper presents a real time multiclass vehicle detection and tracking system. The system uses a combination of machine learning and feature analysis to detect and track the vehicles on the road. Multiclass SVM and PCA methods are utilized to create multiclass training samples. The online classifiers are trained using these samples to achieve detection and classification of vehicles in video sequences of traffic scenes. The detection results provide the system used for tracking. Each class… 

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This paper presents an accurate and flexible method for robust detection and tracking of vehicle objects in video sequence that uses SVM classifier, supervised learning that associates with machine learning algorithm that analyse and recognize the data used for classification.

Real-time Vehicle Detection and Distance Measurement in Multi-Environment

Smart phone is used to process the video in real-time for vehicle detection and distance measurement and Perspective geometry is being used for distance measurement during that all a user need to provide is the height of the camera, which can be applied to early warning for risk.

Review Paper on Object Tracking

This paper proposes a systematic review of object tracking, detection and identification algorithms and its applications in many computer vision applications such as surveillance, vehicle navigation, and autonomous robot navigation.

Exploring Image-based Classification to Detect Vehicle Make and Model

This work obtains a novel pipeline for vehicle segmentation, tracking and classification by leveraging techniques in computer vision and machine learning using the existing Virginia Department of Transportation infrastructure on networked traffic cameras to obtain a real-time estimation of carbon emissions.

An Efficient Method for Multi Moving Objects Tracking at Nighttime

The automatic thresholding approach provides a robust and adaptable detection process that operates well under various nighttime illumination conditions and has the ability to track vehicles through detecting vehicle headlights and/or rear lights.

A Review and Comparison of Well-Known Methods for Object Detection and Tracking in Videos

This paper provides a systematic review of a variety of object D&T algorithms and performance measures and provides a recommendation on which detection & tracking algorithm is more suitable.

A Gaussian Filter based SVM Approach for Vehicle Class Identification

A robust feature based model is presented for feature extraction and classification of vehicle images and shows the recognition rate of devised system over 90%.

Developing and Validating a Simulation Model for Counting and Classification of Vehicles

The results show that the algorithm is capable of counting 95% of the vehicles due to some shaking in the video feed, and the algorithm program was developed to detect vehicles in traffic videos and get the vehicle count for the small time period as an assistance tool for a researcher who seeks vehicle counting.

Developing and validating a real time video based traffic counting and classification

An algorithm program was developed to detect vehicles in traffic videos and get the vehicle count for the small time period as a tool that can assist researchers who seek vehicle counting and the results show that the algorithm is capable of counting 95% of the vehicles due to some shaking in the video feed.

LiDAR Based Perception System: Pioneer Technology for Safety Driving

This thesis presents the design of the Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) perception system which consists of several sub-tasks: ground detection, object detection,object classification, and object tracking, and a comprehensive experimental evaluation for each sub-task is presented to validate the robustness and effectiveness of the developed perception system.



Learning Algorithm for Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

  • D. WithopfB. Jähne
  • Computer Science
    2006 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference
  • 2006
A learning algorithm for real-time object tracking in video sequences which uses an improvement of a feature selection method known from object detection to select the features which are best suited to track an object.

Detection and classification of vehicles

Algorithm for vision-based detection and classification of vehicles in monocular image sequences of traffic scenes recorded by a stationary camera based on the establishment of correspondences between regions and vehicles, as the vehicles move through the image sequence is presented.

Spatiotemporal vehicle tracking: the use of unsupervised learning-based segmentation and object tracking

Almost all vehicle objects are successfully identified through this framework and an adaptive background learning and subtraction method is proposed and applied to two real-traffic video sequences to obtain more accurate spatiotemporal information on the vehicle objects.

Vehicle detection combining gradient analysis and AdaBoost classification

A real-time vision-based vehicle's rear detection system using gradient based methods and Adaboost classification, for ACC applications, and appearance-based hypothesis validation verifies those hypothesis using AdaBoost for classification with illumination independent classifiers.

Real-time multi-vehicle tracking based on feature detection and color probability model

This paper proposes a real-time multi-vehicle tracking approach, which combines both local feature tracking and a global color probability model, and experimental results from a challenging transportation video clip are presented.

A real-time precrash vehicle detection system

An in-vehicle real-time monocular precrash vehicle detection system that uses multi-scale techniques to speed up detection but also to improve system robustness by making system performance less sensitive to the choice of certain parameters.

Online Boosting for Vehicle Detection

The proposed online boosting method can improve system adaptability and accuracy to deal with novel types of vehicles and unfamiliar environments, whereas existing offline methods rely much more on extensive training processes to reach comparable results and cannot further be updated online.

A General Active-Learning Framework for On-Road Vehicle Recognition and Tracking

Experimental results show that this framework yields a robust efficient on-board vehicle recognition and tracking system with high precision, high recall, and good localization.

Learning, Modeling, and Classification of Vehicle Track Patterns from Live Video

  • B. MorrisM. Trivedi
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • 2008
Two different types of visual activity analysis modules based on vehicle tracking are presented, adding realtime situational awareness to highway monitoring for high-level activity and behavior analysis.